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Saddle Repairs

At Cossentine Saddlery we can re-stitch or repair any part of your saddle, whether its re-sheepskinning, stitching, re-quiliting seats, replacing leather or re-covering stirrups. A broken saddle tree doesn’t have to mean the end of your favorite saddle as we can replace broken saddle trees. Before you decide that a saddle is beyond all hope of repair, contact us for a consultation.

Whatever is subject to wear and tear, Cossentine Saddlery can fix and repair!

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  Tack and Leather Repairs
While leather is extremely versatile, even the finest quality leather will eventually wear out. With proper care the life of most leather goods can be extended considerably, but it is good to know that items can always be repaired. Cossentine Saddlery repairs all manner of leather goods, particularly items associated with horse tack.

Re-stitching or Replacing Leather

We can re-stitch saddle bags or replace a gusset in the side. Worn out Velcro can be replaced on bell boots, skid boots and splint boots. Bell boots can be spiffed up by stitching a new edge binder on the bottom- it helps them last longer too. We also re-stitch breast collars and will replace worn out side straps. Some popular options with our customers include leather “wear strips” stitched to their saddle pads, stitching dees or buckles to their horse blankets or adding a knee patch to a shoeing apron. A favorite headstall that a horse pulled back and broke can be repaired instead of discarded. If you can’t use something because it’s broken, but you just can’t part with it, contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Whatever is subject to wear and tear, Cossentine Saddlery can fix and repair!

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