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What does a young fellow growing up on a cattle ranch use for a saddle? Well, until he has means, it’s usually hand-me-downs and odds and sods. Such was the situation for Al Cossentine in Penticton, British Columbia. As a teen, the 3rd generation cattleman wanted to venture out into the sport of team roping and his old hand-me-down, cattle chasing saddle just wouldn’t cut it. So the young Al took the skills he had acquired, ripping old saddles apart and doing his own saddle repairs and he ordered his first saddle tree, purchased leather stock, devoured books and picked the brains of the local saddle makers. Acquiring some leather tools, he set about building himself a team roping saddle. His ingenuity paid off, the saddle was just what he needed for team roping and a love of the sport as well as a saddle making pastime were born. Al started to create chaps and saddle bags, rifle scabbards and all manner of leather goods. Little did he know at the time that what began as a “hobby of necessity” would one day become a livelihood. One thing led to another and people started bringing him saddle repairs; he officially hung out his shingle, replacing broken saddle trees, re-sheep skinning and replacing, along with building brand new saddles. Al has evolved into a unique combination of rancher and horseman, artist and leather craftsman.

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Al Cossentine
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