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Custom hand made saddles for professional riders, cowboys and rodeos

An experienced horseman and cattle rancher, Al Cossentine understands the importance of a high quality saddle.

It all starts with the saddle tree, the saddle’s foundation. It is necessary that a horse be fit correctly with primary consideration given to the placement of the bars of the saddle tree. Creating saddles that are also narrow in the waist of the saddle makes for a close fit for the rider. Whether the saddle in question is for cutting, reining, roping or pleasure riding, the aim is to build a saddle that fits the horse properly and is comfortable for horse and rider alike.


A Cossentine saddle is an investment in quality, we use only rawhide covered wood trees and top quality leather.

If you are looking for a western saddle that combines sound saddle building technology and eye-catching artistry, contact us at Cossentine Saddlery. Our saddles are custom built and built to last.

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