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Working Collars
Top quality Skirting leather is used to make our working collars durable; they may can be left plain or can be carved or stamped to match something else or to enhance the look of your tack. From the heaviest roper collar to the finest, narrow barrel racing collar, we can fashion the collar you need.

Trophy Collars
At Cossentine Saddlery we are pleased to have been called upon for years to create trophy collars for various events. Beyond carving or stamping the name of the event and the year, trophy collars can be detailed with silver / crystals or rawhide braiding and can be as ornate as you would like.

Cossentine Saddlery exists to serve the needs of our customers. Contact us if you are interested in discussing your special breast or trophy collar with us.


At Cossentine Saddlery, our headstalls are crafted from top quality, oak tanned leather and may be designed for either work or show.

Headstalls with silver detailing
For headstalls requiring silver detailing, Conchos or buckles, a light weight cow hide is doubled and stitched.

Headstalls & Reins
Headstalls without silver detailing
Plain headstalls without silver detailing are made from a single layer of 7 or 8 oz Skirting leather and/or Latigo leather and/or English bridle leather. Headstalls may have either a wide or narrow brow band and can be plain, carved or stamped. Brow bands can also include the English Knot in the centre.

Single-ear headstall
We also make a single ear headstall, plain or carved, with or without silver detailing.

Cowboy style headstall
Our Cowboy style headstalls are made using 10 oz Skirting leather and may be plain or stitched. Stamping and silver may be added as desired.

While we have outlined typical specifications observed, we would be pleased to fashion any headstall according to your custom requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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